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MISSION: waterfallYoga facilitates changing tomorrow today; opportunities for people to live their best life through yoga, coaching, and workshops.

A variety of Hatha Yoga 60-minute classes are available, Online or In-Studio.
Hatha Flow
Hatha Gentle
Restorative Yoga

intuitive mind, body spirit coaching

Are you looking to transform your life?
I believe life is measured in moments. Make the most of them. I can help you in your personal and professional life; HOW…are you looking for guidance on your life purpose and/or career and business? Do you seek clarity on your dreams, relationships, health or abundance? I have a proven track record assisting a variety of people. Gain clarity, identify and define goals, strip stress from life, find love, enhance your well-being and manifest prosperity.

clarity. mind. body. renewal.

With a clear mind, body spirit connection, everyone will feel a sense or renewal whether it is through stress reduction, less anxiety, freedom, calm, and relaxation to live your best life. waterfallYoga is the best place to invest in your health and well-being to transform your life.

about ann:

Ann Marie Walsh is the principle of waterfallYoga

Everyday there is an opportunity to be better than the previous day. It is easy to get busy and neglect our health and well-being. I value health, happiness and prosperity so much that when I make decisions, I check in with myself to ensure the outcome supports the three values.

Yoga has changed my life; it has stripped stress from my life and opened the door to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. When I completed my yoga teacher training it was an easy decision to start a business to introduce the benefits of a regular yoga practice. As the number of clients increased my desire to do more increased. It only made sense that I expand the offerings to include mind, body spirit coaching and workshops.

I feel tremendous gratitude and happiness for my life. This was not always the case; I lived in fear and had limiting beliefs and was isolated as I removed myself from day-to-day activities. Yes, I was working and teaching yoga and engaged in community; I wasn’t truly living life. I met with a coach; started to dive a little deeper into ‘who am I’ and then participated in a 12 month ‘Intuitive Coach Training’ course. Another easy decision, as mind, body spirit coaching is now available through waterfallYoga.

To connect with people to build community and friendships is also important to me. I love meeting people and know I have a gift to teach, train, engage, support, coach and encourage shared joy and happiness through yoga, coaching and workshops. Please explore the benefits of yoga, participate in coaching and sign up for workshops. I am here for you, look forward to meeting, on the mat or in a session or workshop. Live your best life with waterfallYoga.

Ann lives in the Township of Langley, British Columbia, works in the City of Langley and teaches yoga, is a certified coach and facilitates workshops. Ann is also a substitute yoga instructor at yogaFlow in Langley, B.C.

With love and blessings,

Ann Marie Walsh

B.A. Adult Education, MEd Organizational Learning, Intuitive Coach



“I am new to the practice of Hatha Yoga (and yoga in general). I have to say, the way I feel after a class is outstanding. Ann’s practice and Hatha is calm and gentle, and an excellent way to help quiet the mind and give joy to the spirit. I would 100% recommend her classes to anyone looking to enrich their life with health and happiness.” ~ Nikki

“Thank you for all your guidance and messages today. You are very gifted at mind, body spirit coaching. I felt safe and connected with you.” ~ Martina

“As an Intuitive Coach, Ann Marie has been an absolute lifeline of encouragement and support to me; she has guided me toward a life of greater fulfillment, happiness and purpose. Getting up each morning is a struggle with chronic pain, but through regular sessions and engagement with Ann Marie, I feel more able to cope, engage with others and help myself toward recovery.” ~ Connie

“I enjoyed my reading with Ann today. She was accurate and did tune into my thoughts and feelings. The questions I had were validated; as a result, I gained clarity of a situation. Ann offered specific details that I have not thought of and I will explore the options. I believe and know Ann has a special gift; I look forward to our next chat and will become a regular client of hers.” ~ Jennifer

“Ann’s yoga classes always feel very thoughtful and well put together. Not only has my mobility improved, I have also noticed a greater sense of calm and relaxation …this is something that I needed over the last two years!” ~ Melissa



Are you looking for clarity and want to journey into your best life?

intuitive mind, body spirit coaching

When we shift our belief systems, we create space to introduce, examine and discover who we truly are; want we want and how we can transform ourselves to live a magnificent unique life.



One-on-one sessions (60 minutes)
     a. Phone call
     b. Zoom
     c. Couples or family session; by phone or zoom

The coaching session will inspire each individual to live well and be their best self; learning strategies to raise awareness, release blocks and limiting beliefs, strengthen self-worth and self-love to rise up and move forward into your best life. You may want to schedule yourself for one session, or a series-there is no minimum required.

Contact Ann Marie directly to book your appointment!

WORKSHOP OPTIONS (Under development):

The Wild is Calling
     a. Yoga
     b. Bootcamp
     c. Mediation
     d. Journals
     e. Shared meals


     a. Relaxation
     b. Outdoor Activity
     c. Silent Mediation
     d. Shared meals


Yoga Benefits
Yoga has so much to offer. A regular yoga practice is one of the best things you can do for your body; it can release tension, improve circulation, build strength and stamina and support healthy digestion. The combination of yoga and meditation can also have a positive impact on your emotional state, improving concentration, an increase in confidence, and reduction of stress symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, fatigue and depression.

Yoga can improve the health of people of all ages. Join us and register for a class or contact waterfallYoga.

In-Studio Classes
In studio classes are offered at a private studio located in White Rock, British Columbia. To register for the classes, contact @tarazornfitness directly as space is limited.

Hatha Yoga Schedule
Monday 7:00am Hatha Gentle Online
Thursday 5:00pm Hatha Flow In studio and Online
Thursday 6:15pm Hatha Gentle In studio and Online
Saturday 9:00am Hatha Flow Online


Ann is a regular yoga instructor at TARA ZORN FITNESS
About Tara: “As a person trainer, I am committed to living a balanced life!” Ann and I have been friends for over 20 years, a healthy and active lifestyle is something we value. We made the decision to partner in order to offer a variety of fitness options to our clients: women, men, couples and youth. Join us at the Tara Zorn Fitness yoga studio or the gym, located in White Rock British Columbia. We offer many options for you to stay fit, health and well. We want to help you live your best your life.”